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Dr. Michael Farrell

The ability to provide these new treatment options has a very significant meaning to me as a doctor. It is fantastic to see patients able to resolve their conditions without the invasiveness of surgery or bracing, which can sometimes result in severe disability. I love what we are able to accomplish and hope to be able to continue healing and restoring the quality of my patients’ lives.

Dr. Michael Farrell, D.C. brings his specialties of disc decompression, scoliosis reduction, and the Pettibon technique to the Spine Correction Center team. He has received advanced training in scoliosis treatment through the CLEAR Institute where he has held a position on the board of advisors since 2009. He is proud to represent a leading group of doctors capable of significantly reducing scoliotic curvatures.

Dr. Farrell, D.C. treats a diverse patient base from around the world, most of whom travel to Northern Colorado specifically for SCC’s intense two to four week treatment programs.

Dr. Farrell, D.C. traveled to places in India, South America, and South Africa to practice and expand his natural health care skills. He also completed an internship at the first clinic in Colorado to offer Spinal Decompression, under the direction of the Colorado Sports Chiropractor of the year.

Dr. Farrell, D.C. stays on the leading edge of physical medicine through extensive training seminars in rehabilitation programs, including the Pettibon technique. He earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree at the Palmer College of Chiropractic.

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