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Receiving a diagnosis of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) can be frightening news for parents and their affected child. It’s a diagnosis that raises many questions, most importantly, what lies ahead?

My 9-year old was diagnosed with AIS and my doctor told me to watch and wait.

-current Spine Correction Center patient

Many doctors tell parents to “watch and wait.” Watching and waiting is probably the last thing you want to do when your child’s health is at stake. Why watch and wait while the curvatures get worse, when you can intervene now and have better outcomes? All large scoliosis curves have one thing in common; they started out as small ones.

There are multiple components to AIS, but the two major ones are genetic and environmental biomechanical factors. Our Early Stage Scoliosis Treatment (ESST) protocol seeks to address both of these.

The genetic factor can now be quantified and better understood through a genetic screening test called ScoliScore. Recently the Scoliscore genetic test has made the news, and offers promise to better predict which patients should pursue an aggressive non-surgical treatment program. A high Scoliscore test indicates a higher genetic predisposition towards curve progression and that the patient may qualify for an earlier orthopedic intervention. A low score indicates a lower genetic predisposition and that the patient may have higher biomechanical factors, and would see great results from our scoliosis therapy.

Spine Correction Center offers a non-surgical, three-to-four month treatment program, or an intensive one-to-two week program. We have proven success reducing and minimizing scoliosis and are proud to administer the ScoliScore test on site without a waiting period.

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