Intensive Scoliosis Treatment in Fort Collins, CO

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Our patients come from all over the United States and from around the world as well, and vary in age from 11 up to 78. They all have one thing in common: they want to stabilize and reduce their scoliotic curve naturally.

While our Standard Treatment program stretches over three to fourth months for our patients who live locally, our Intensive Treatment program is carefully scheduled within a one or two week period for our patients who live out of the area.

We invite you to stay at a nearby hotel while you are immersed in our highly focused Intensive Treatment program. The length of time will depend on your type of scoliosis and your individual needs, but typically will not exceed two weeks.

What can I expect when I go in for Intensive Treatment?

As a patient in our Intensive Treatment program, you receive the full attention of the medical staff and chiropractor; we dedicate our entire clinic exclusively to Intensive Treatment patients each Tuesday and Friday. Building on your free initial phone consultation, your first day includes a complete case evaluation, including x-rays, as well as a mechanical stress test to see how your body responds to scoliosis treatment. If applicable, we review your previous x-rays and medical records.

Following that, you undergo one to three treatments per day, depending on your individual situation. We apply various types of treatment protocols to stabilize and reduce your scoliotic curvature. (Our patients have seen average curvature reductions of 25-50 percent.)

At the end of your treatment program, we send you home with rehabilitation equipment designed to maintain, and in some cases continue to reduce, your scoliotic curvature. If we prescribe a home, scoliosis traction chair, we will show you how to use this chair and then have it shipped to your house so you can continue to work on your scoliotic curvatures. Other times we might use local doctors to monitor your progress and follow up on any problems.

Patients who undergo our Intensive Treatment program are often surprised at the tremendous amount of ground they gain during the brief treatment period. They are also very pleased with the personal focus the staff and doctors show them.

Our office is in Fort Collins, Colorado, about one hour north of Denver and the Denver International Airport. We’ve partnered with a few select hotels and restaurants to offer our patients exclusive discounts. You can find these and more in our Area Amenities.

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