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Our doctors expertly treat: neuropathy; scoliosis; herniated disc; migraines and headaches; back pain, neck pain, leg and arm pain; knee pain; sciatica; carpal tunnel; failed back surgery and other conditions associated with the spine, muscles and related nerves.

Spine Correction Center of the Rockies is an integrated medical model that is the future of medicine. Imagine the benefits of a medical staff working along side chiropractors, and practitioners of physical therapy!

We have brought together specialists, diagnostic tools, extensive examination and cutting edge treatment methods to be used together to provide you with the most comprehensive and all-encompassing plan of care specific to your condition and symptoms. We do not just provide standardized treatments for symptoms. No two plans are alike since no two people are alike.

Our goal is to get you out of pain and keep you out of pain. We accept insurance and Medicare.

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Spine Correction Center of the Rockies


The Team

  • Dr. Michael Farrell, D.C.

    Dr. Michael Farrell, D.C. brings his specialties of disc decompression, scoliosis reduction, and the Pettibon technique ...

  • Dr. April Cardwell, D.C.

    As a doctor, it is fulfilling to keep people out of surgery and to get them back to the life they want to live. Dr. Card...

  • Dr. Rhonda Fisher, DNP, FNP-BC

    Dr. Fisher moved to Colorado with her two children, horse, and two dogs from Phoenix, AZ 20 years ago and has worked at ...

  • Tarryn Farrell, Director

    Tarryn Farrell is the Administrative Director, CFO and partner of Spine Correction Center of the Rockies. She is excited...

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