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I used to hurt most days and didn’t want to exercise. I had trouble bending, sitting, and standing for long periods of time. I can exercise 3 times a week with little pain and can drive without pain in my hips or back since going to Spine Correction Center of the Rockies.
Marie Eldridge, Fort Collins, CO

I came to Spine Correction Center for my scoliosis and moderate back pain. I struggled with lifting my children and getting out of bed. Now I am able to work out and need less time to recover. I get out of bed pain free and am able to lift my children. The office was very comfortable and gave a feeling of connectedness.
Joy Bemboom, Fort Collins, CO

I came to the Spine Correction Center to be treated for Scoliosis. I was experiencing pain and discomfort with most activities. Since I’ve begun care I generally have less pain and discomfort. My posture has improved as well as my involvement in physical activities. My quality of life has improved. The office, doctors and staff have been very professional and provided excellent explanations of processes and procedures. They provide excellent treatment.
Don Pecarovich, Fort Collins, CO

I suffer from scoliosis and have pain, stiffness, and tiredness. I was embarrassed by how I looked and had quite a bit of pain in general. Since my treatment I have much less discomfort and I don’t get tired as easily. The whole process is really amazing. I love that there are people who know that scoliosis can be helped. I’m very pleased!
Linda Bolton, Fort Collins, CO

Spine Correction center is the best. My husband and I both went there for treatment and have finished our treatment and feel like new people. We don’t have the back pain and knee pain we use to have. The staff is so friendly and helpful. They go out of their way to achieve the goal you want to have. Thanks Dr. April and Dr. Mike you are an awesome team!
Carol R, Fort Collins, CO

I came to Spine Correction Center of the Rockies of pain in my back and hips. My hips hurt so bad that I could only walk a little ways before I’d have to sit down. My back bothered me so I couldn’t sleep. Since treatment began my hips feel better and I can walk quite a ways and it doesn’t bother me. The whole staff is caring, knowledgeable, and very concerned about my problems.
Gail Wares, LaPorte, CO

“Outstanding. 30 years of chiropractors finally achieve a masterful treatment. I recommend highly. I had my doubts because of the severity of my curvature. I now have a better quality of life.”
Gary N.

I had low back pain for 20 years and severe pain in my leg. I was unable to stand for very long. The pain curtailed many activities and I felt no joy in life. Since treatment I have my positive attitude back and have been able to participate with my grandchildren and sing in the choir again.
Marcia Wells, Fort Collins, CO

I was suffering from lower back pain, fatigue, and problems sitting. This affected my life and work. Since I began care I’ve seen a huge improvement. The pain is practically gone! The doctors and staff are awesome and have tons of dedication, compassion, and expertise.
Ben Golden, Boulder, CO

Dr. Farrell’s free dinner workshop is a great way to learn how to take care of yourself while enjoying a night out with your friends. I highly recommend it.
Josephine M, Critical Care Nurse

“Dr Farrell is the very best. My treatment with him has changed my life completely. I now have an immune system and relief from asthma, headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel and many other random aches and pains. I would recommend that anyone who needs relief or wants a better quality of life visit SCC–they do great work here!”
Rosie Rodriguez

I came to the Spine Correction Center of the Rockies for my scoliosis. I had severe back and neck pain, pain in my right leg, and headaches. I wasn’t able to sit very long and my back hurt all the time. I’m much stronger now. My back doesn’t hurt at all. I feel taller, more balanced, and happy with all the treatments.
Veronica Beck, Fort Collins, CO

I could hardly walk without pain when I started treatment at Spine Correction Center of the Rockies. I didn’t want to be active at all. Since treatment I can move without pain. All of the staff is so great and friendly.
Mariann Pugh, Estes Park, CO

I came to Spine Correction Center of the Rockies because I could barely walk or stand. I have seen a huge improvement and can perform most of my daily tasks better. I am also sleeping better.
Cindy Fotre, Fort Collins, CO

I experienced severe low back pain for several hours after waking up every morning. My low back pain vanished soon after treatments began. My life is much improved.
Jim Hall, Fort Collins, CO

I was brought to the Spine Correction Center because of a sore neck, sore lower back, lower back spasms, and pins and needles in my left arm. These conditions were negatively affecting my posture and I was unsteady on my feet with a poor range of motion. Since I’ve begun care, my neck and left arm are so much better! My range of motion has improved so much and I feel confident when I am walking. My posture has also improved. The doctors and staff are professional, friendly and show great concern for the patients.
Suzanne Wisler, Fort Collins, CO

“I have had 4 neck surgeries and was still in a lot of pain. I couldn’t bend my neck forward or backward. My ring finger on both hands was very swollen and extremely painful. I wasn’t able to type on the computer, bend my fingers, or touch them without a lot of pain. Everything I did would cause a lot of pain. The doctors said they could only give me Cortisone shots in my neck to relieve the pain for a short time. A very good friend of mine recommended me to Dr. Farrell. I was very happy with my first visit. He took x-rays and really treated me professionally. He was concerned and was interested in helping me. I have a plate in my neck that was tilted. Dr. Farrell used his decompression machine, and with his highly skilled hands completely took the pain from my neck. I am still going to him so I don’t ever get into the situation I was in a year ago. I recently returned from a trip to Italy. Without the help I received from Dr. Farrell, I would not have been able to enjoy all the beautiful art on the ceilings of the buildings and appreciate all the beauty.”
Cammie Gabel

When I came to the Spine Correction Center I thought I was ready for a wheelchair. Since I began care I am 100% improved! The staff is very organized and professional.
Stanley Cole, Fort Collins, CO

I had terrible back pain and wasn’t able to sit, stand, or walk without pain. I couldn’t hold my kids or play with them and I was unable to take care of my home the way I wanted to. My pain has now greatly decreased and I can play with my kids and take them for walks. I can also drive myself to the places I need to go now.
Julean Fabry, Fort Collins, CO

“I had frequent spells of weakness and tingling in my hands. During those times I was unable to hold a pen or open a doorknob and unable to do my job as a dental assistant. I have been symptom-free now almost all the time for several months. Also, I have better circulation and don’t feel as cold. I’ve been able to concentrate on excelling at my job rather than struggling to stay afloat. I am making more money and don’t feel frustrated at myself as I used to when my body wouldn’t cooperate. SCC has a casual friendly atmosphere and I felt that they truly cared about my problem and concerns and wanted to help me. I definitely recommend this office.”
Arella Landman

“Because of my habit of always being in a hurry, I had fallen several times down short flights of stairs and off ladders, always onto my left hip! Not surprisingly, I began having chronic left hip and leg pain. The pain was always worse when I had to sit still for even short periods—but especially when I was driving on a long road trip. Upon standing, I would move slowly and painfully. Eventually, my sleep was interrupted by hip and leg pain. Twice over a period of several months, an orthopedist injected cortisone in the hip bursa and the injections lessened the pain temporarily. Several visits to two other chiropractors in other cities had offered no lasting relief.

Initially, I received intensive therapy for two weeks with Dr. Farrell. Periodically, I have returned for maintenance therapy whenever I travel from NM to Denver to visit my daughter I feel like a new person (even though I am actually 68!). Everyone in the office is consistently friendly, caring, and efficient. Dr. Cardwell and Dr Farrell are obviously passionate about and truly expert in their professions. The receptionists are always cheerful and welcoming. The therapy assistants could not be any more kind, effective and encouraging.

I am not the only member of my family who sings the praises of SCC. My daughter, two granddaughters, niece, great niece, and son-in-law are all in better health because of treatments and services received at SCC.”
Glenda Powell

I had low back pain that made it hard to hold my grandkids. It was also difficult to ride in a car. Since beginning care I feel so much better. I can finally hold my grandbabies again! The staff is kind and understanding.
Linda Theis, Fort Collins, CO

“I could not walk more than three steps at one time or stand, sit, bend, or lift without very intense pain. I had not worked since December 2007. Surgery looked like the only option and I was dreading the thought. I had very limited activities, virtually no work, I was becoming buried financially, becoming depressed, a lot of anxiety, a feeling of hopelessness.

The results have dramatically changed my pain level to at least 50% of before, now it is tolerable. I am walking farther, more often & closer to normal than I have in the past 18 months. My depression is lifting and hope has been restored. Looking forward to returning to full time work soon.

SCC has been a wonderful experience for me. It is the warmest, most comfortable, professional atmosphere I have ever been received at. I have total confidence in the center and what they will help me achieve. Very caring sincere people, I feel blessed. La familia!”
Tom Bauer

I was rear ended and sought treatment at SCC due to my persistent headaches following the accident. It was difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in and I could not escape the headaches and neck pain. My results gave me less intense headaches and a decrease in the frequency. I also have more movement in my neck and upper back.
Fiona Gammonley, Fort Collins, CO

I came to SCC for my fairly severe scoliosis and continuous pain. I am an active athlete and felt my performance suffer as well as felt myself being more cautious in my competition. I now have significantly less pain and some days none at all. I also have greater flexibility and back strength.
Jose Ortiz, Colorado Springs, CO

I came to the Spine Correction Center because I had hurt my back rock climbing. I couldn’t climb, sit or sleep without pain before treatment but am now able to do all of those without pain and curve has been restored to my spine. The doctors and staff are very friendly and helpful and seem interested and engaged in their work.
Andrew Hopkins, Fort Collins, CO

“I had forgotten what it was like to live without a headache and backache every day until I went to Dr. April Cardwell. I had been to numerous chiropractors, holistic doctors, a spine surgeon, and an osteopath, but nobody could help me. Now I have curve in my neck and lower back and the scoliosis and herniated disks are being corrected and I live without a headache. Life is good now.”

The doctor’s and staff are amazing. They know my name and are happy to see me. They listen to what I’m feeling and my concerns and are very willing to help in any way. I have great confidence in everyone in this office.
Enid Schlotzhauer, Fort Collins, CO

I came to the Spine Correction Center to be treated for Scoliosis. I had terrible headaches every day. Since I’ve started care my headaches are minimal and my back doesn’t hurt as often as it used to. All the staff is very friendly and nice and they all care for every patient.
Blake Flemming, Fort Collins, CO

I was in unbearable pain constantly and didn’t want to do anything or go anywhere. Since treatment I have been feeling so much better and have cut down almost completely on my pain medications.
Susan Howard, Cheyenne, WY

“I came to SCC because of increasing pain in my neck, head, and low back. I had loss of concentration, extreme fatigue, and high frustration with reduced productivity at work and limited availability at home. Almost immediately, I felt relief from the severe discomfort. There were times when I actually felt energized in my cells, down to my bones (I don’t know how else to explain it)! The thing that surprised me the most is that my lower back was really causing me serious trouble – I never had that part directly adjusted yet it went away! The staff is very personable, interactive and professional. I like the open space – it provided a more energetic, less clinical atmosphere. The techniques used in tandem really made the difference for me in terms of treatment, results, and sustainability.”
Greg Hernandez

“After suffering from terrible headaches for years, I was told by surgeons that I needed three discs in my neck fused. Not wanting surgery, I researched and found out about decompression. I have been seeing Dr. Farrell for a couple of weeks now and feel so much better with this treatment.”
Linda Hess

“I had carpal tunnel, neuropathy in my feet from type 2 diabetes, neck problems and a bad left knee. I could not play the piano and organ like I used to because of the hand, feet and knee pain. Playing the organ pedals was difficult.

After five weeks, there is considerable change in the x-rays. It is a wonderful office of caring doctors and staff. I’m glad to be under there care.”
Barbara Johnson

I was experiencing burning and pin and needles in my left arm and hand. It affected my sleep and eating. I was uncomfortable and worried often. I feel better, am sleeping better, and eating better since my treatments. I am also taking less pain medication and am very active. The doctors and staff really care about getting you better.
Don Meintzer, Loveland, CO

“When I began treatment with Dr. Farrell, I was hoping to straighten and strengthen my spine and reduce the chronic pain that comes with scoliosis. Along with achieving these goals came an unexpected added bonus: a new lease on life. I was unaware how many other aspects of my life were being affected by the pain of my scoliosis. My treatment at SCC not only helped my scoliosis but it improved the quality of my life significantly.”
Lou Hall

I had difficulty in breathing and ongoing pain. After several treatments my curve has gone down from 72 degrees to 60 degrees. My pain is almost gone. My breathing difficulties are gone completely and my posture has improved tremendously. It’s absolutely amazing, a scientific miracle, and I recommend it to everyone I know.
Shaun Dashjian, Fort Collins, CO

“I want to share a recent experience that illustrates the progress I’ve made in the treatment of my scoliosis by Dr. Cardwell and the staff at SCC. I have always enjoyed walking outdoors and for the past few years have relied on trekking poles for support. A few days ago, I decided to take advantage of the summer-like weather and go for a walk. Confidently, I chose to walk without the use of the poles. I walked through our neighborhood for 20 minutes without pain and had good balance and stability. Now, that’s an improvement! A very happy day!”
Linda Williams

My scoliosis was causing me pain when walking or sitting. I was not able to walk very far and it was difficult to do jobs around the house. Now, I can more easily do lengthy tasks and I can sit longer. Everyone is so positive and creates a very comfortable helpful atmosphere.
Judith Poland, Severance, CO

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