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Patellar Tendonitis and the Power of Stem Cell Therapy

Suffering from the pain of patellar tendonitis? Wondering what to do about it? We can help! Overuse problems or malalignment of the knee structures can lead to irritation, strain, and/or injury.  These problems/injuries manifest with pain, weakness, and swelling of the knee joint. Patellar tendonitis (also known as jumper’s knee) is a common overuse condition […]

Treating Chronic Pain with Stem Cells

If you have chronic pain, it can be difficult to get through even the simplest tasks during the day. Many people turn to narcotic pain medications to curb the pain, even though these come with many side effects and possible addictions without curing the problem. A better solution is to look to regenerative medicine for […]

Stem Cell Therapy FAQ

Stem cell therapy is growing in popularity across the globe due to its non-invasive approach to healing and wellness. Learn the answers to 15 of the most frequently asked questions we are asked about this revolutionary, regenerative treatment. Why Stem Cell Therapy? Stem cell therapy has gained popularity because it offers a non-surgical approach for […]

Treating Arthritis of the Ankle and Foot with Stem Cell Therapy

If you’ve had ankle or foot arthritis for some time now, you’ve probably been told you simply have to live with the effects of this disease. While it’s true that arthritis has no cure, you don’t have to stop living just because you’ve received this diagnosis. Take an active part in your treatment by visiting […]

How Stem Cell Therapy Can Treat a Lumbar Facet Injury

Lower back pain is the most common pain symptom experienced by American adults and is the second most common reason for primary care physician visits. According to the National Institute of Health, facet joints may account for 40 percent of lower back pain. In fact, lumbar facet syndrome is one of the most common lower […]

Can AC Joint Separation be Treated Without Surgery?

  Injuries to the acromioclavicular (AC) joint in the shoulder are often caused by car accidents, contact sport injuries and bicycle wrecks. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may have torn a single ligament around your AC joint or all of them, causing the joint to separate. Not only is this painful, but […]

How to Treat Your Chronic Knee Pain or Arthritis

Are you suffering from chronic knee pain due to arthritis? You’re not alone. Osteoarthritis is a prevalent joint disease affecting the daily lives of millions of middle-aged and elderly Americans. Daily living becomes increasingly difficult when your joints are affected by arthritis. Over time, if left untreated, the bones that make up your joints can […]

Treating Hip Bursitis with Stem Cell Therapy

Chronic hip pain makes it difficult to go about your day. Could your condition be caused by hip bursitis? If you suffer from this condition, it’s wise to seek treatment before your pain worsens and completely prevents you from walking. What is Bursitis? The hip is just one joint in your body that contains bursae, […]

Osteonecrosis in the Hip

Every bone and joint in your body requires adequate blood flow to function properly. Osteonecrosis is a disease resulting from reduced blood flow to these areas, which causes the bones to break down and die. The condition can appear in a number of joints throughout the body, especially the hips, knees, shoulders and ankles. If […]

Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

Are you suffering from chronic shoulder pain? The shoulder is one of the most common joints to experience pain because of everything the shoulder does. Disorders of the rotator cuff and the tissues around it are the most common causes of shoulder pain in people over 40 years old. One condition that occurs when a […]