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Decrease Arthritis Pain with an Anti-Inflammatory Thanksgiving

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition that is easily aggravated by the fat, sugar, refined white flour, dairy, gluten, and sodium found in a traditional Thanksgiving Day feast. Rather than sit it out, make some wise menu modifications to help you enjoy the holiday and decrease arthritis pain.   What Is Arthritis? Arthritis is a chronic […]

Neuropathy: Do Medications Hurt Or Help?

Neuropathy is a term used for nerve dysfunction or damage that leads to symptoms such as numbness, tingling, pins and needles feeling, itching burning, loss of range-of-motion and more. There are many causes of neuropathy, and some of them may even simply be that you don’t have enough vitamins and minerals in your diet. Would […]

Could Texting be Harmful to Your Health?

How many text messages have you sent this month? It’s easy to lose count, but the number is probably higher than you realize. According to research gathered by Business Insider Intelligence in 2013, teenagers in the US send over 2,000 text messages every month. That averages out to 67 texts per day! Older Americans send […]

The Link Between Texting and Wrist Pain

Do you love playing Angry Birds on your Smartphone? Do you send dozens of text messages every day? If your wrists start to ache when you do these activities for too long, you could have “text claw,” an unofficial condition that many Smartphone users experience after texting, web browsing or playing games for too long. […]

What If it’s Not Carpal Tunnel?

Do your hands ever tingle or go numb? Do your wrists ache and burn? Your thoughts might immediately turn to carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS, a condition that occurs when the nerve passing through your wrist is pressed or squeezed. The problem is the symptoms of CTS are present with many other conditions, which leads […]