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COVID-19 Update

Dear patients, friends, family, and beloved members of our community: We want to help our patients navigate the decision-making process and manage information regarding COVID-19. SHOULD I CANCEL MY APPOINTMENT First questions first.  Many people are worried about their appointments.  Please note that if we haven’t contacted you to cancel your appointment, we are not recommending […]

Scoliosis Screenings & Treatment by Dr. Michael Farrell on FOX NEWS Radio

Audio Transcription: Al Malmberg:  Welcome to this edition of Rocky Mountain Viewpoints, I am Al Malmberg we get a lot of ideas for the show from you so if you have any ideas please send us an email to viewpoints@clearchannel.com and joining us this morning is Dr. Michael Farrell, D.C. and he is a Chiropractor […]

KMGH Channel 7 Interview: Scoliosis Treatment

In this interview with Denver's KMGH Channel 7 News on 10/22/2011, Dr. Farrell outlines the latest scoliosis treatment options, focusing on those that are non-surgical and non-bracing.

Interview with KGWN Cheyenne on Scoliosis

Dr. Farrell, D.C. was pleased to talk with KGWN about what scoliosis is, who can be affected, and the importance of screening. “Colorado can no longer afford to have their nurses check kids for scoliosis, it is up to the parent and community to fill in this gap. Early prevention equals better results. The entire […]

Free Scoliosis Screenings In June

June is officially recognized as National Scoliosis Awareness Month. That means it’s a great time to partner with you in spreading the word that there are non-surgical, non-bracing scoliosis treatments as an alternative to expensive, painful surgery or bracing. We are giving FREE Scoliosis Screenings for the month of June! If you know of someone […]

Integrated Treatment – Style and Wellness

Once upon a time, not so long gone, medical doctors and chiropractors were often conflicted about treatment types. That adversarial mindset is changing. Michael Farrell, D.C., says that...