As a parent or grandparent, Halloween is often just as fun for you as it is for the kids! Distracting yourself with fun activities is important when you’re dealing with chronic pain. Make it easier to focus on your family—not your discomfort—with these helpful tips.


  1. Consider Ways to Limit Walking

There are only so many ways to go house-to-house when your children or grandchildren are trick-or-treating. If you go this year, plan on walking, possibly A LOT. Children are often excited to run from house to house and may not want to walk slowly, nor will they want to always be limited to just one street. If you’re in for a night of walking, try to cut corners with how much you’ll have to do. Use a motorized scooter that’s side-walk friendly if you have one. Bring a scooter if you’re a parent and your balance is great or consider biking around with your children. For young ones, bring a stroller so that little ones don’t get exhausted easily. No matter your situation, there are always ways to limit your walking—such as staying in one small area around your house—that can help you enjoy your night without chronic pain, exhaustion or worrying about health issues.

  1. Plan for the Extra Activity

Walking is a given when it comes to trick-or-treating, but you can also be smart with your Halloween plans. If you’re a grandparent tagging along with your loved ones, you can always drive a car down less-busy streets instead of walking for blocks or miles. This will allow you to keep up with those you love and participate when you want to, without stressing out your knees or body with lots of walking. If you do opt to trick-or-treat side-by-side with the kiddos, wear comfortable shoes with a supportive sole. When balance problems are an issue, bring a cane or stabilizer for walking safely. Have a bag with any essentials (water, snacks, tissues for the sniffles in the cold, etc.) so you’re not left without the basics. For specific weather conditions, hazards or any safety concerns in your area when it comes to trick-or-treating, research ahead of time.

  1. Look for “Trunk or Treat” Events

Speaking of limiting walking and planning ahead of time, a “Trunk-or-Treat” even is a great way to be safe and walk very little. These are often hosted by community centers, local churches or places such as the town library to keep Halloween safe for kids. Trick-or-treating is limited to one small area, and you can enjoy the festivities without them taking all night long.

  1. Wear a Comfortable Costume

Halloween generally involves several hours outside in the brisk fall air. You don’t want to be freezing for several hours, as your body reacts slower and your immune system won’t function as well. You also don’t want to be in a costume that restricts your movement too much, which can make it difficult to safely walk or stay close to kids you’re with. Always opt for comfort over style.

  1. Don’t Stay Up Too Late

Did you know that you spend almost 1/3rd of your day sleeping. It’s so important for your health that you need 7-9 hours of proper zzz’s each night. Studies show that when you sleep, your body goes into repair mode. Damaged cells get repaired, old cells and waste products in the body get washed out and all your organs and tissues can get some rest from working all day. Sleep is vital for brain function as well, as that sleeping time creates a buildup of liquid in your brain that cleanses out all the toxins that can make your body and your mind work slower. Improper sleep can lead to depression, anxiety, more frequent injuries, slow metabolism, psychiatric disorders, back, muscle and tissue pain and a lower immune system. Have fun this Halloween, but make sure you’re resting plenty!

  1. Limit Your Candy Consumption

Sometimes, parents and grandparents will eat more of their kid’s candy than they realize. Filling up on nutrient-poor treats can decrease the amount of actual nutrient-dense food you get into your diet during your day. The body can only properly function when it receives the 6 essential nutrients that help run it: vitamins, minerals, water, protein, and healthy fats and carbohydrates. You get very little of those nutrients in candy. Over time, a lack of nutrients will lead to nutrient deficiencies that lead to most chronic conditions and diseases. You will also see your weight continually increase, which will strain your muscles and spinal column (due to increased weight on the joints), wearing them down. Indulge in your favorite treat here or there, but don’t make it a habit if you want to stay healthy and keep your body strong!


  1. Create New Traditions and Have Fun

Working around an injury? Do you have chronic pain that makes it hard to participate in Halloween activities? Create your own! There are many Halloween traditions you can bring into your own home such as pumpkin carving, making caramel apples and hosting your own Halloween dinner. Create new traditions that work for your health situation.

  1. Enlist Some Help

Sometimes, there are chronic pain issues you just can’t work around without a little extra help. Chronic back pain, neuropathy issues, spinal misalignments, and injuries are just some of the situations where you might need help to participate in holidays and events you love. If this is you, come in for a health assessment and we can create a health plan for you to get you back on your feet.


With these tips, and our in-office help, you can scare away your chronic pain this year! Simply call Spine Correction Center of the Rockies today at (970) 658-5115!