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Joint injections are a common treatment method for helping relieve chronic pain safely and efficiently.  Pain that emanates from your joints, nerves, spine, and muscles can suddenly make everything difficult. Our team at Spine Correction Center of the Rockies can relieve your pain and restore your mobility in a matter of hours with our anti-inflammatory joint injections.  Joint injections, combined with other recuperative treatments can give you the lasting relief you long for.

Joint Injections, What Can They Treat?

When it comes to the chronic pain you are feeling, much of that is caused by inflammation and swelling. That’s where injections play a pivotal role. Anti-inflammatory injections work to reduce that inflammation and pain triggered by swelling. Joint mobility can return when you eliminate the swelling and inflammatory symptoms allowing your body start to work efficiently.  What conditions can joint injections help?

It is important to understand that joint injections provide targeted relief to localized areas. Pain that is more spread out is not going to get effective relief with joint injections.  

Injections and Arthritis

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability among adults in the U.S., according to the Arthritis Foundation. The chronic pain associated with arthritis affects millions of people each year.

Effective, non-surgical treatments for arthritis include anti-inflammatory injections targeted at the painful joint. Joint injections can reduce pain symptoms from arthritis, but provide the most help when they are coupled with physical therapy so patients can participate in everyday activities to stretch and strengthen the arthritic joint.

Trigger Point and Large Joint Injections

Spine Correction Center offers two main categories of joint injections for your chronic pain needs: Trigger Point injections and Large Joint injections.  

Trigger Point injections are used to support healing and muscular dysfunction. They are administered in a matter of minutes and are key to effective rehabilitation. Eliminating trigger points is essential for proper blood flow. Addressing your trigger points can be done by different therapeutic methods in conjunction with injections for maximum results.

Large Joint injections are available for pain localized in the knee, shoulder and sacroiliac joints. What makes these injections effective is a vitamin called Supartz that lubricates and decreases pain. Supartz also supports normal cartilage healing and is especially helpful for patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee.

How Are Injections Administered?

Depending on where your pain is located, joint injections will be administered differently. Large joint and nerve injections require precise guidance to achieve the targeted results you need so they are done with an ultrasound. Ultrasound insures that the needle and fluid are going exactly where they need to go. Ultrasound equipment is both non invasive and safer than x-ray methods.

Say Yes to Injections and No to Over-the-Counter Methods

Unlike conventional medication that must be delivered through the digestive and circulatory system (which is a slower, less effective method of pain management), anti-inflammatory injections can deliver fast pain relief to the treated area without affecting other parts of the body. Anti-inflammatory injections are also versatile, with proven effectiveness in treating soft tissue injuries.

If you’re interested in pursuing joint injections for your chronic pain symptoms, the team at Spine Correction Center is ready to help. Our doctors expertly treat: neuropathy; scoliosis; herniated disc; migraines and headaches; back pain, neck pain, leg and arm pain; knee pain; sciatica; carpal tunnel; failed back surgery and other conditions associated with the spine, muscles and related nerves.

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