Resolution of low back and radicular pain in a 40-year-old male United States Navy Petty Officer after collaborative medical and chiropractic care.

Lillie GR.


Chiropractic Physician, Naval Branch Health Clinic NATTC, Department of Orthopedics, Naval Hospital, Pensacola, FL 32508.


The aim of this study is to describe the interdisciplinary care, including chiropractic services, in a military health care facility of an active duty member of the United States Navy with low back pain, leg pain, and foot numbness.

A 40-year-old patient developed low back pain, leg pain, and foot numbness after moving furniture. The patient described his symptoms as pain in the right low back, pain shooting into the right lateral thigh and lower leg, and numbness into the right lateral foot. Magnetic resonance imaging confirmed disk extrusion at L4/L5 occupying the lateral recess and abutting the exiting right L5 nerve root.

Providers, including primary care, chiropractic, and orthopedics, in an established multidisciplinary health care system contributed to the case management. The patient received 11 chiropractic treatments (spinal manipulation, flexion-distraction, abdominal rehab exercises) over 72 days. Subjective complaints resolved, and the patient was released back to full duty.

Integrative care, using medical and chiropractic services, was successful in the conservative management of a patient with low back pain and radicular symptoms secondary to disk extrusion.