Plantar FasciitisOn a personal note, my mother is an R.N. in the surgery department in Nebraska.  About 5 years ago she was diagnosed with bilateral (both feet) Plantar Fasciitis.  As most of you know, nurses are on their feet working for many hours.  So you can imagine how much pain she was having in her feet.

Her first attempt at treatment led her to a podiatrist and the procedure was to tape the plantar fascia, this actually worked for a while to decrease the pain that she was having during her day.  The downfall was that she had to have my father tape her feet before she even got out of bed in the morning because plantar fasciitis is most commonly the most painful in the morning.

The goal was to hold the fascia up as she began walking.  She wore this all day every day for a few months but finally it began to not work.  She then was instructed to try some arch supports which didn’t help with her pain at all.  At this point she was taking lots of Ibuprofen to get through her days.  Also she wasn’t able to work out or go on walks with her dogs (Cash & Katie) and that is something that she loves.  She was getting very frustrated!

The next procedure she tried was to get cold laser therapy on the fascia.  This worked for a while but again the pain came back with vengeance.

The next thing was a cortisone shot into the plantar fascia, this again worked for a while and again the pain came back.  At this point I got her talked into trying the procedures we use at Spine Correction Center of the Rockies including addressing the problem whether it be a gait issue or postural issue as well as using a full contact orthotic.  This orthotic is a Sole Support orthotic.

We did these protocols with her and within the next couple months her pain levels had dropped significantly.  She is a changed person because of it.

She now enjoys those long walks with her dogs and playing with her grandkids.  The pain in her feet doesn’t hold her back from doing the things she loves.

If you or someone you love is experiencing pain from plantar fasciitis or something similar please don’t hesitate to call Spine Correction Center of the Rockies at 970-658-5115.  We do FREE consultations in office or over the phone.  Call to set that up today.  Don’t let your foot pain hold you back!