neuromuscular re-education

Neuromuscular re-education, ever heard of it? Maybe not in these exact terms, but it is a vital part of healing and restoring proper function after a injury or serious medical condition.  Muscles and nerves communicate to allow you to perform simple acts such as walking up stairs or standing up from a sitting position. These normal communications can become monumental tasks when regular patterns of movement are no longer regular.

The Aim of Neuromuscular Re-education

The goal of neuromuscular re-education is to establish normal patterns of movement. Normal patterns of movement may become irregular following an accident, from a disability, or over time after repeated incorrect movements (such as bad posture). The brain has to be trained, or re-trained, to move correctly.

What is Muscle Memory Anyway?

Much of what we do everyday we don’t even think about, but if you have ever watched a toddler learning how to walk, you may begin to understand that each seemingly routine movement is actually a complex sequence of tensing and relaxing of several contributing muscles.

Overtime, practice enables us to improve our speed and accuracy of everyday movements until we don’t even think about them; we just do them.  

“Changes that occur in the brain during skill learning and memory alter the information that the brain sends out to the muscles, thereby changing the movements that are produced,” reports researchers from an Oxford University publication.

The Importance of Correct Biomechanics

The joints, tendons, muscles and bones of the body comprise an efficient machine. Just like in advanced machines you see today, the body has certain mechanics (biomechanics) that must be addressed so that when you are sitting, standing, walking, or running the stresses of the activities are distributed evenly on your body.

Back Pain, Posture, and Neuromuscular Re-Education

Back pain affects 31 million Americans. Poor posture is at the root of many of these statistics.  Poor posture can cause soft tissue damage resulting in chronic pain. By correcting your posture and biomechanics, you can eliminate your current pain and help to keep it away in the future. But correcting years of bad posture requires some help to re-educate those nerves and muscles–that’s where we come in!

Weights and Vibration Treatment

At Spine Correction Center of the Rockies, we leverage the power of body weights in conjunction with our vibration machine to trigger your brain’s natural reflex to stand upright. Your brain reacts by controlling your postural muscles in a better, healthier, way.

Weighting systems strengthen damaged posture muscles. The result is the establishment of correct, healthy posture, and a reduction in the risk of former pain returning.

Home-Care Equipment and Exercise

Part of the success of our neuromuscular re-education treatment is that you continue to treat yourself at home for long-term results. With just 15-30 minutes a day, our patients report a decrease in pain, a noticeable improvement in their posture, and a boost to total body wellness.

Neuromuscular re-education exercises will provide you with functional strengthening, stretching, balancing and coordination activities to help with joint positioning and movement.

Focus on maintaining proper balance while performing each of the prescribed exercises to reap the most benefits.

Cutting Edge Science and Neurology

Neuromuscular re-education is cutting-edge science and incorporates the intricacies of neurology and musculoskeletal treatment.  Spine Correction Center of the Rockies is one of only a handful of clinics in the nation offering this state-of-the-art treatment.

Find Out How You Can Benefit from Neuromuscular Re-Education

Find out if you are in need of neuromuscular re-education with a in-office evaluation. Some indications of imbalance and dysfunction are readily apparent, but others aren’t so obvious. Call now to set up an appointment at (970) 658-5115.