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5 Types of Hip Pain that Chiropractic Treatment Could Alleviate

You rely on your hips for everything from walking to kicking to bending. Obviously, it’s hard to get around if essential body parts continually ache. If you have chronic hip pain, don’t suffer needlessly. Come to Spine Correction Center of the Rockies so our chiropractors can diagnose your condition and develop a treatment plan. Here […]

Chiropractic Care for Kyphosis

Do you have difficulty standing up straight? A hunched back is a classic symptom of kyphosis, which causes your spine to become more rounded than it should. The condition can also cause relentless pain and numbness in your legs. The most common cause of kyphosis is poor posture, though a rounded spine can also be […]

Chronic Headaches? Chiropractic Care Can Help

Are you among the 90% of Americans who suffer from headaches? If so, what do you do when you feel a headache coming on? For occasional mild headaches, popping a pill and going on with your day may be a feasible approach. However, if you suffer from frequent pounding headaches – a chronic condition that […]

What Conditions Can a Chiropractor Treat

When you think about chiropractic care, you might assume it’s only appropriate for spinal injuries and backaches. While you can certainly benefit from spinal manipulation if you have these conditions, other treatable ailments aren’t as obvious. Learn some surprising and not-so-surprising conditions a chiropractor can treat. A Chiropractor Can Treat Back Pain When you have […]

Prenatal Chiropractic Care: Benefits and Tips

If you experience back pain during pregnancy, you’re not alone. The American Pregnancy Association estimates that 50 to 70 percent of pregnant women share this problem. Instead of taking painkilling drugs, which aren’t recommended during pregnancy, you have another option: prenatal chiropractic care. This type of medical care is growing in popularity among pregnant women […]

Scoliosis Screenings & Treatment by Dr. Michael Farrell on FOX NEWS Radio

Audio Transcription: Al Malmberg:  Welcome to this edition of Rocky Mountain Viewpoints, I am Al Malmberg we get a lot of ideas for the show from you so if you have any ideas please send us an email to and joining us this morning is Dr. Michael Farrell, D.C. and he is a Chiropractor […]

Leg Pain

Is the pain that I feel in my legs normal? Do you ever ask yourself that question and then think I’ll just take some aspirin? Many people deal with leg pain on a day to day basis and don’t realize that there is something that they can do about it.

Fort Collins Chiropractor – A Primer

Chiropractors concentrate on the spine. Instead of looking at individual parts of the body that are in pain or in which people might be suffering a little discomfort, this kind of specialist seeks to help patients feel better by looking for the root cause.

Chiropractor – Finding A Good One in Fort Collins

If you have been suffering from back pain, chances are you can benefit from seeing a chiropractor. If you have never seen this kind of back pain specialist before, however, you probably have some questions about how to go about finding one.